Creating a Career Plan

Do you have a career plan that excites your passion? Are you pursuing the career of your dreams? Have you considered all your career options and possibilities?

Research shows that a large majority of employees do not enjoy their jobs. Do you? If your job isn’t fun and isn’t what you look forward to every day, then what are you waiting for? To get the job and life of your dreams, you first need a VISION of what will bring you the greatest satisfaction and then a plan for how you will achieve it. This workshop will help you define what you want to do with the rest of your career, and help you create a personal career plan for getting from here to there.


  • Begin to “inventory” your personal skills, talents and abilities which serve as the foundation for moving forward
  • Explore ways to identify your passions and personal goals in your career so that a career vision emerges
  • Be introduced to a variety of independent assessment sources so that you can further clarify your career opportunities and possibilities for a “right fit” that combine your talents and your passions

So, take the next step in managing your “Free Agent” career–join us for this provocative, powerful, and hands-on workshop.