One of the most important skills for a successful leader is the ability to create high performing teams. Positive Coaching Group has a powerful workshop designed to build awareness of what makes up a highly effective team and create specific action plans to achieve one.

In particular, the program explores how diversity strengthens teams and their corresponding results. Diversity here means innate differences in how people operate, rather than the differences in their ethnicity, sex, or religion.

Positive Power of Teams Workshop
This interactive and popular workshop explores the characteristics of high performing teams and applies the learning directly to the organization. The Kolbe Concept and the Kolbe AÒ Index, which measures “striving instincts”, is an inspiring and powerful element of this workshop. This is an excellent tool for understanding how people are naturally driven to perform when they are in “achievement mode”—usually when at work!

Since no team is ever “perfect”, participants learn various strategies and tools to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of any team in accomplishing its mission. The course also examines the subject of accountability, and participants learn productive ways to harness conflict to improve overall team results.

The workshop then explores the “21 Characteristics of High Performance Teams”. Through exercises and case studies, the participants learn how to create more productive teams and focus on outcomes with shared accountability. Setting priorities and creating action plans conclude the workshop.


  • Learn what makes up highly effective teams
  • Understand the impact of diversity on team results
  • Become familiar with the Kolbe concept and the instinctive ways people operate in their striving mode
  • Understand the participant’s own striving instincts using the Kolbe AÒ Index
  • Learn ways to strengthen team composition
  • Know what characteristics are needed for highly effective teams
  • Identify what may be missing in their own teams and create opportunities to improve team results