“Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have your way.” Daniel Vare, Italian Diplomat

posinfluenceToday’s “matrixed” corporate organizations are highly complex and often difficult to navigate. More and more, executives must be effective at managing and expanding their sphere of influence.

There is an art to disagreeing without injuring relationships. Everyone has a different way of handling conflict, and it’s important to become more adept in dealing with the whole range of these styles.

Positive Influence and Negotiation Workshop
In a workplace, it is extremely important to engage in conflict in order to surface optimal solutions. However, some people will avoid conflict at all costs and others leave scorched earth as a result. The most successful professionals are highly skilled at finding win-win solutions when individual objectives are sharply at odds. Personal feelings need to be set aside and the end game kept tightly in focus. This workshop will present a positive model for influence and negotiation. Case studies are used to practice learning points. The importance of engaging in constructive debate and conflict will be emphasized throughout the program.

This workshop will help the participants:

  • Expand awareness and learn new skills in the area of conflict resolution and communication.
  • Clarify the nature of negotiation, and learn how to ask for what you want or need.
  • Explore the “Getting to Yes” and “Getting Past No” models of negotiation when both parties are in continuing relationship.