positiveagreementsHealthy debate and discussion is crucial for a learning environment and to produce the best possible outcomes. However, disagreements that are not understood and managed well can become highly confrontational and counterproductive.

This course is based on an exploration of our values and beliefs around interpersonal engagement. When we understand what drives us to pursue various actions and make certain choices, then we can better understand how to channel our energy into creating positive work relationships.

The interpersonal relationships within ANY organization are a key driver to success.

Positive Agreements in the Workplace Workshop
In this course, we will examine the principles offered in don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements, to evaluate our choices and create new positive interpersonal agreements for our own workplace. While this book was not written in an business or organizational context, it is all about people and interpersonal relationships.

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Better understand your own personal role in creating a positive workplace.
  • Be more aware of the role of conflict and ways to keep the focus on a positive outcome.
  • Learn how to shield yourself from negative emotions or circumstances.
  • Clarify what assumptions we may be making, even unconsciously, when we work with or talk with others.
  • Know how to create new agreements with your team members for constructive interpersonal conduct.
  • Learn new approaches to handling stressful situations and challenging relationships, both on and off the job.