Accomplish Your Dreams!

Are you in charge of your career and your success? Or, has your career been a product of “happenstance?” Would you like to take more control over your job and your career? Do you really understand how the advancement game is played in organizations?

Most executives admit that their careers have evolved based on opportunism, hard work, and sometimes luck. The truth is that many savvy executives manage their business goals far better than they manage their careers, leaving them sometimes displaced or dissatisfied with their ultimate achievements.

Whether you are employed, transitioning, or even an entrepreneur, this Seminar should become the “first day of the rest of your career.”

If you would like to identify and leverage your unique talents and learn the trade secrets of career advancement, you should consider this seminar.

Four Cornerstones of Effective Career Management
This Seminar includes the most current research about changing demographics and their effect on professional careers. The seminar explores each cornerstone in greater depth and provides specific tools and methodologies that have proven to be successful. As part of the workshop, you begin building your own Personal Career Portfolio, an eight-section compendium of critical career documents. Your Portfolio will become an indispensable tool for you.

So, if you’re willing to take charge of your career and invest time and energy into shaping your future, then this seminar is for you. Get ready to accomplish your dreams!


  • Clarify your passions, identify your unique talents, and position yourself as an “A” player
  • Attract positive attention to yourself in the areas where you excel
  • Establish and maintain the relationships that will be essential to your success
  • Navigate through the complexities of organizational advancement
  • Thrive in your career without sacrificing your personal life or integrity
  • Create your own Personal Career Portfolio