We offer a practical, fun training in financial know-how, geared to business managers and executives that demonstrates the power of using financial information to win.

According to Jack Stack in his refreshing book, The Great Game of Business, “In order for employees to participate effectively in the great game of business, they must (1) Know the rules, (2) Follow the action, and (3) Learn how to keep score.”

keepingscoreKeeping Score is a practical, fun workshop in financial know-how geared to managers and executives. The course is most effective when it is customized to the client’s financial environment, incorporating familiar reports, acronyms, language and relevant issues for quick assimilation by the participants. However, the core material can be delivered to a varied group without alteration.

The program covers the basics in financial and accounting concepts, reviews the primary financial statements and demonstrates the power of using financial information to win. The course is designed as an intensive, one-day program, after which you will have greater financial dexterity and confidence.

Workshop topics include:

  • The Mystery of Balance Sheets
  • Scorekeeping – Process and Results
  • Using the Budget to Analyze Operations
  • Your Personal Dashboard
  • Finance & Accounting Jeopardy

As a manager, the better you are able to identify, understand, and utilize financial information, the more effective you will be in making sound business decisions and conducting critical management activities!