Building Bench Strength

firstlineThe transition from individual contributor to management is not “just the next promotion.” It’s much bigger than that—it’s a fundamental shift. A new mindset is required as well as a new complement of skills. With the dramatically changing demographics over the next decade, building competent, ready-now manager candidates is crucial. And organizations that prepare their candidates will benefit from their effective performance on Day One of their new responsibilities.

We know that good first line management is essential to the success of every business. Yet this is where performance bottlenecks are often created. The key is a) getting the right people into first line management, b) getting them there the right way, and c) building a strong team with a deep “bench” that is ready to move into leadership roles when you need them.

Building Bench Strength Program
This comprehensive program complements traditional supervisory or management training and is often the missing piece of the puzzle for solving this critical problem. Management candidates participate knowledgeably in a career decision at a critical point in their career paths.

The strong sponsorship and networking component of the program creates broad knowledge of the talent pool throughout the organization, not just a list of names. Over time, a strong bench of talent is identified for promotional opportunities and further development.

Some key components of the program are:

  • Mentoring/modeling approach to leadership development
  • Cost-effective “group” coaching
  • Turnkey program – “train the trainer” done right!