devplanningAn organization is only as strong as its “weakest link”. Understanding how to assess employees, provide meaningful feedback, and deploy individuals in areas that capitalize on their strengths are essential to organizational success. For managers and supervisors, this workshop offers practical training in real-time direction, feedback, and development planning.

Development Planning Workshop
The course is divided into two sections: Effective Leadership and Development Planning.

Part I: Effective Leadership.
This workshop uses a comprehensive and practical method of effectively managing and communicating with employees. The participants will learn how to better understand the development of their employees and how to direct their activities real time.

Part II. Development Planning
The second part of the workshop presents the importance and value of active, formal development planning for organizational performance, continuous improvement, retention, and morale. A systematic process for development planning is described. A set of practical and easy to use worksheets and tools are presented to assist the manager.


  • Learn how to develop competent and committed employees by diagnosing their development level, then managing with the appropriate leadership styles.
  • Learn how to reach agreements with others about how much direction and support they need from you to reach their goals.
  • Use case studies, games, and exercises to better understand real-life situations.
  • Learn how to create development plans for employees’ growth, performance improvement and talent retention.