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Career Management I: Lifetime Career Management Are you in charge of your career and your success? Or, has your career been a product of “happenstance?” Mina Brown & Paula Asinof present the Four Cornerstones of Lifetime Career Management. This is the first in a five-part series about Career Management.
Career Management II: Talents, Passions, and Possibilities Dr. Mark Albion, author of True to Yourself, Making a Life, Making a Living and Finding Work That Matters, discusses how to create a career vision that is fulfilling as much as it is successful.
Career Management III: The Brand You Carol Limperos, President, The Limperos Group, discusses the intangibles of success that form an individual’s signature presence. Building a positive and conscious personal brand is crucial for building and managing an executive career.
Career Management IV: The Power of Who You Know Robert C. Kiehnle, Partner, Tatum Partners, discusses the value of networking, the role of networking in business and careers, and general observations and advice for successful networking.
Career Management V: The How-To’s of Career Advancement Paula Asinof, Instructor of Career Management at Westwood College, former executive search professional, and Brent Knipfer, a successful management consultant and specialist in business and leadership transformation, discusses the necessary tactical skills required to successfully manage careers in today’s complex workplace.
Leadership I: The Authentic Leader Philip Resch, Motivational & Leadership Speaker, Consultant, Partner with the Sandhurst Group, and retired Captain in the Naval Reserve, discusses the critical traits and underlying values that show up in successful leaders.
Leadership II: Enlightened Leadership and Decision Making Jim Finley, President, JFA Consulting, Inc., discusses the use of TDF Theory to understand the differing styles of people in their work. Through better understanding of perceptual differences, leaders are able to create management processes and environments to optimize performance.
Conflict I: Creating Positive Agreements in the Workplace David Dibble discusses his compelling book, The New Agreements, about how to transform businesses driven by fear and control into dynamic and high-performance workplace environments based on love and support. Dibble studied for 8 years with don Miguel Ruis, Toltec Shaman and Author of The Four Agreements.
Conflict II: Conflict Competence Dr. Glenn Hallam, Founding Partner of Creative Metrics LLC and widely known for his contributions to the Center for Creative Leadership, discusses his research about various approaches to conflict and how to manage conflict to achieve constructive outcomes. He will also describe The Conflict Lens, an organizational conflict management tool he co-authored.
Team Building I: Harnessing Diversity in Teams:
Part 1
Part 2
David Kolbe, President and CEO of Kolbe Corp, discusses The Kolbe Concept and how it applies to build stronger, more successful teams. Kolbe has discovered the formulas for human synergy and authored the algorithm for measuring it – thus providing a means for predicting and improving team performance.
Team Building II: Positive Power of Teams Mina Brown shares the 21 Characteristics of High Performance Teams.

hrsouthwestMina has been a guest presenter at the HR Southwest Conference in Fort Worth for the last three years. Feel free to download or listen to any of her sessions. (Each session is approximately 90 minutes.) For best results, right-click on the link and save to your local computer.

Coaching: The Cure for Corporate Inertia (65th Conference): Part 1Part 2Part 3

Talents, Passions, and Possibilities: Creating Your Perfect Career Plan (64th Conference)

Lifetime Career Management: The Four Cornerstones (63rd Conference) (Coming Soon)