Career Plan? Need a Job? We can help!

You want to redirect your career or energize and focus your job search. You are sending out resumes and searching for jobs on the Internet, but so far you aren’t getting the response you want. What do you have to do?

New Job Market Paradigm - Free Agent Nation

Being really good at what you do is no longer enough – executives must perform at the top of their games in every dimension.

  • Communication skills
  • Management and leadership ability
  • Results focus
  • Industry fit

Successful Career Transition is an Art, Not Science

Personalized, Expert Coaching Can Make the Difference

During a career transition, you have a unique opportunity to get what you really want out of your job and your life. It can be a scary time, but the end result is well worth the effort. . . and the investment.

We can help you create (or validate) your career vision, devise a career plan, and execute your job search at the highest level of professionalism and effectiveness. You might even want to start your own business!! We can help there too. We want to support YOU!

Positive Coaching Group offers a wide range of career services that can help you accelerate your search or help you redefine and execute a new career direction. Engagements can be molded to fit what you really need most. Our Intensive Personal Career Campaign is a comprehensive package of these services that covers the full scope of a professionally run and successful career transition. Alternatively, we can unbundle our services and work with you on an hourly basis to focus on a selected few of your specific needs.

Six-Month Intensive Personal Career Campaign: $6,000  (SAVE $2,000)

  • Intensive One-on-One Coaching Sessions over 6 months
  • Career Vision & Career Plan
  • Selected Assessments as needed
  • Positioning Statement – Create a strong, high-impact personal statement about who you are and what you want
  • Hi-Impact Career Marketing Documents – Professional Bio, Resume, Cover Letter
  • Optimized LinkedIn Profile & Personal Website to GET FOUND
  • Networking & Social Media Strategy & Coaching
  • Interviewing – Assessment, Strategy, Scenario Planning, Handling Difficult Questions, Practice
  • Offer Evaluation & Negotiation – Get what you are worth, don’t leave money on the table, and leave the right impression

Other Career Consulting Options

  • Find Your Passion, Create Your Plan – Four coaching sessions to help you discover your “perfect job” and create an action plan to get it. – $1,399
  • Professional Resume, Bio, & LinkedIn Profile - Unique process that produces a finely tuned resume, bio, and LinkedIn Profile, plus mini-market test – $1,699
  • Interview Coaching – Three intensive coaching sessions to build interviewing confidence and prepare a strategy for the tough questions –$1,179
  • Career or Job Search Jumpstart –  Two-hour one-on-one coaching session to get focused, have a reality check, and articulate clearly your target job – $399
  • Professional Coaching – Focus on any topic you need help with, such as on-boarding, exiting gracefully, creating a new approach for internal advancement, or reinventing your career altogether –3-month minimum $1,500

Recommended Affordable Career Assessment

The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS) measures self-reported vocational interests and skills. Similar to traditional cissinterest inventories, the CISS interest scales reflect an individual’s attraction for specific occupational areas.

However, the CISS instrument goes beyond traditional inventories by adding parallel skill scales that provide estimates of an individual’s confidence in his or her ability to perform various occupational activities. Together, the two types of scales provide more comprehensive, richer data than interest scores alone.

The CISS instrument focuses on careers that require post-secondary education and is most appropriate for use with individuals who are college bound or college educated. For only $19.25, it’s an excellent resource for those who are exploring career options.

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